Videographer by trade

Designer on paper

Fan of all things tech

Located in Montreal

Cool Stuff I’ve Done

Editor at ICI Television

There are only a handful of local TV stations here in Montreal, and I have the privilege of working at one of them. As the main editor at ICI, I am responsible for putting together shows spanning several languages, creating ads, as well as original content for the station.

Type of work: Video Editing, effects, audio, broadcast standards.

See our programming here.

ICI Television

Wallstreet Survivor Series

The Wallstreet Survivor animated series covers everything from the stock market to personal finance. It breaks down the basics of investing into short and entertaining animated videos; giving simple examples for complicated concepts.

Type of work: Illustration, animation, voice.

See the full series here.

Views on YouTube

Ice Bucket Challenge Video

What’s better than a fun project for a good cause? The Ice Bucket Challenge has to be completed within 24 hours, which left us with an interesting challenge: Shoot and edit a creative video to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease, all in one afternoon. Challenge accepted.

Type of work: Filming, editing.

Advanceit Videos

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